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New Year’s Eve  2021

We will be offering our full menu along with the following specials:


Crab and corn chowder  7




Chef's lasagna, layered high with ricotta, mozzeralla, sausage and beef, garlic bread  20

Lasagna is one of the most delectable dishes and dates back to Roman times.  It was clasically reserved strictly for holidays. Be careful - you  might not make it to midnight!

Osso buco braised with wine stock, mushroom risotto, chef's vegetable  32


This dish sounds fancier than a bone with a hole, but that's what it is with a round, marrow filled bone in the center.   It is hearty, full of rich flavor and exquisitely tender, making it a fabulous dish to bring in the New Year!

Salmon Oscar, stuffed with crabmeat, garlic mashed potatoes, chef's vegetables, Hollondaise sauce  28


Abundance and plenty are typical wishes for the New Year and fish is a symbolic fare.  They are a fertility symbol producing multiple eggs at one time.  In Chinese, the word for fish is a homonym for abundance.  So bring on 2021 with plentitude.


Sauteed mussels, smoked cherry tomatoes, garlic, white wine and butter sauce, toasted baguette  15

Candied Brussels sprouts with bacon, balsamic drizzle  8

Bacon-wrapped scallops, balsamic blackberry glaze 15

Sauteed heirloom carrots, whipped goat cheese, honey, balsamic reduction, baked pistachio dust, microgreens  11

Smoked mahi fish dip, served warm, hint of citrus, fresh herbs, fresh tortilla chips 11  GFO

Pretzel sticks (3), fresh aged white cheddar sauce, onion jam, scallions  11

Truffle fries, Parmesan cheese, spring onion, Cabernet ketchup 9 Add: Aged white cheddar cheese sauce 3  GFO 

Buttermilk-fried green tomatoes, local greens, Cajun remoulade, roasted corn salsa 9

Buffalo chicken  dip, warm pita  11​

Salads....Add: chicken 4, shrimp 6, tuna 7, salmon 8, steak 9

Burrata salad, seasonal fruit, cherry tomatoes, balsamic, olive oil, five grains, fresh pesto, parsley, mint 14

Pear, local greens, crumbled goat cheese, candied pecans, sweet Dijon champagne vinaigrette 9/13

Caesar, romaine, Parmesan, fresh anchovy dressing, truffle croutons 9/12


Steak au poivre, filet mignon (7oz), creamy cognac and peppercorn sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus  34

Seared sliced duck breast, local citrus honey, five grain and sweet potato hash, sautéed heirloom carrots 27

Fra diavolo, fresh marinara, shrimp, mussels, wild-caught salmon, linguini  24

Terrace curry, roasted sweet potatoes, fresh local vegetables, toasted coconut, fresh basil, coconut rice, smoked cherry tomatoes..... Vegetarian 18, Free-range chicken 22, shrimp 24

Baked pesto boneless chicken thighs (parmesan and pesto encrusted), roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed snow peas  22

Terrace burger, certified Angus ground sirloin, Applewood smoked bacon, Gruyere cheese, toasted bun, fresh onion jam, lettuce, tomato, red onion, hand-cut fries  16

Add:  extra bacon  2, extra cheese 1, sub truffle fries  2

Blackened Argentinian royal red shrimp (6), aged white cheddar cheese sauce, bowtie pasta, sautéed chopped asparagus 19

Heart of palm cakes (2), cucumber tartar, hot “hunny” drizzle, broccolini, coconut rice 19 VO


Peppermint patty ice cream cake  10

Smores ice cream cake 10

Kentucky sugar pie, lemon curd and blueberry basil puree 8

Pot de creme au chocolat 8

Music, 6 pm to 9 pm

Featuring Evan Ahlswede on steel drum

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