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How Blogger & Fashion Influencer Malvika Sheth Uses Her iPhone

Each issue of iPhone Life features iPhone home screens from people in different industries, so readers can learn how they use iPhone apps for different needs. For example you needed pdf scan. Our Spring 2019 issue features Malvika Sheth, who uses her iPhone to upload fashion, beauty, and travel videos and manage her social media profile and her website. Email me if you have a story or app you'd like to share. May be featured in future magazines!

Malvika Sheth

Malvika is a fashion expert and passionate about fashion as a creative outlet with over 16,000 visionary influencers. Malvika's website is regularly updated with new content such as her blog and how-to videos of her.

UNUM (free)

Uses this app to consistently stream consistent content on her Instagram profile with a sleek aesthetic.

Adobe Lightroom (Free, Premium $4.99/month)

Use this photo editing app to give your photos a realistic look while keeping the same color scheme.

Instagram (free)

Instagram is the social platform where I post the most content. That day.

YouTube (Free)

After filming the vlogs of her travels and fashion and beauty videos, she edited them and uploaded them to YouTube to give viewers a better idea of ​​what fashion is really going on in her influencer life. make it easy to understand. We post about 3 videos a month.

Ad Facebook (free)

This is where you can share your Instagram content and blog posts. This is the easiest way to reach the largest audience.

RewStyle (Free)

RewardStyle allows me to link to personal outfits and items I wear so viewers can buy my styles from her LikeToKnowIt account.

Octoly (free)

It is one of his favorite influencer marketplace apps. Octoly gives you a unique opportunity to work with your favorite brands.

Google Analytics (free)

This is another integrated application for my work. You can see your website's statistics and understand your audience so you can create more relevant content that interests them.

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